In the Anglican Church it is common to baptise young children; this is sometimes known as christening. Baptism is a 'sacrament' in the Christian tradition that is traced back to Jesus himself being baptized in the river Jordan.

There is no charge for a baptism.

If you live in our parish or regularly attend our church then you are entitled to have your child baptised here. It may also be possible to have a baptism here if you have another strong connection with our church and the vicar of the parish in which you live has written to confirm that s/he is content for the baptism to be at Christ Church.  Click here for a permission form.

Please click here for an application form and return it to one of the ministers immediately after one of our church services. All baptism families are required to come to a preparation session on a Saturday morning prior to booking the date of their baptism.

Please note that godparents must have been baptised.

For more information on baptism in the Church of England click here. If you are an adult seeking baptism for yourself then please speak with the vicar who can arrange for you to be baptised and confirmed after suitable preparation.

To enquire further about baptism at Christ Church email